Fill weight - the weight of the duvet filling

Fill weight is the weight of the duvet filling. The higher the fill weight, the heavier the duvet. Fill weight does determine how soft or firm a duvet is.  However, a heavy duvet doesn't equal a warmer duvet, fill power not fill weight measures the effectiveness and quality of a down or feather duvet filling. So, a duvet with high fill weight but low fill power will be heavy and provide poor insulation. 

If you see weight referenced with ‘gsm’ this means the weight of the filling within a square metre. 

The fill weight of scooms duvets:

* Single: 9 tog - 486g, 4.5 tog - 302g, All season - 788g 
* Double: 9 tog - 720g, 4.5 tog - 448g, All season - 1168g 
* King: 9 tog - 911g,  4.5 tog - 567g, All season - 1478g
* Super King: 9 tog - 1030g, 4.5 tog - 641g, All season - 1671g

Fill power
Fill power measures down’s insulating ability, the ‘loft’ or ‘fluffiness’ of the down. A high fill power means that the down is light and airy and insulates well.  Fill power ranges from 300 for feathers to 800 for the highest quality down.  The scooms duvet has high 700 fill power, the highest fill power for down that is a by-product of the food industry. Find out more about Fill power.

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