Choosing a lightweight duvet

Lightweight duvet | scooms duvets & beddingA lightweight duvet can help you to have a better night’s sleep if you find your current duvet is uncomfortably heavy. If you have restricted movement due to age or injury or you’ve had a recent operation, you will find that a lightweight duvet won’t weigh you down awkwardly as you sleep. Down-rich duvets are a great choice as they are lightweight but still provide superior warmth.

Lightweight summer duvet
A lightweight duvet can come in a variety of tog ratings and of course, all the main duvet sizes - Superking size, King size, Double and Single. The tog rating of a duvet explains the amount of warmth that the duvet will provide and is not related to weight. So a heavy synthetic duvet could provide 4.5 tog Summer warmth and so can a much more lightweight goose down duvet.

An all seasons duvet could be a great investment giving you options for each season of the year; a 9 tog duvet for Autumn and Spring, a 4.5 tog duvet for the Summer and the option to combine the two duvets to a 13.5 tog for the Winter.

Lightweight down duvet
Duvets filled with a high percentage of down are particularly lightweight but also really warm and temperature regulating. Down is the best natural insulator and offers the greatest warmth to weight ratio. Goose down has a larger number of fluffy filaments than duck down or feather which means it is more lightweight.

The scooms duvet is filled with 90% Hungarian Goose Down and 10% small Hungarian goose feather to add a little weight.

Lightweight duvet construction
How a duvet is constructed is also important for weight distribution. Box and baffle stitched duvets have multiple pockets that hold equal amounts of down, ensuring an even spread across the duvet. This prevents the down ending up in one place at the bottom of the duvet!

The scooms 9 tog duvet has extra side walls in the pockets, giving the down more space and allowing for extra fluffiness and breathability. All our duvets are double stitched for additional strength.

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