Sleeping outside in my scooms duvet: September

For the September sleep out with my scooms duvet, I was part of an Explorer Scouts survival weekend. In a fantastic woodland in the Surrey Hills, the Explorers had to learn how to 'survive in the wilderness'.  This involved building and sleeping in their DIY shelters, lighting fires without matches, foraging, cooking and more...

This month, I decided to sleep on the ground!  The set up was a waterproof tarpaulin on the woodland floor with a Thermarest sleeping mat for a little extra comfort.  It was a chilly night with a few showers so we tied another tarp above us in the trees to protect us from the rain. I slept in my trusty all seasons duvet with the 4.5 tog and 9 tog fixed together!

I fell asleep with the sound of an owl in the trees above. Despite the rain and cold, I woke up warm and dry!  And, as you can see, the early morning view of the sun coming through the trees was stunning.

Then it was 'breakfast in bed' cooked over a fire.  Lashings of hot tea and Eggs Rancheros cooked in a dutch oven.  Food does taste better outside!

Now planning my October sleep out.  Not sure where to go yet, so let me know if you have any ideas?

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