CLEARANCE Egyptian Cotton Towels in Silver Grey - 30% off

We have a small amount of clearance Egyptian cotton towels that we’d like to send to good homes. The towels may have been used for a photoshoot or be an unwanted return. So, be quick and grab a bargain; there are only a few available and they won’t hang around for long.

  • 30% off usual price, already applied.
  • Price shown is for 2 towels or 1 bath mat.
  • Cannot be used with any other discounts.
  • Only selected sizes available.
  • All towels sold in good condition, inspected carefully by us.
  • Free delivery included, dispatched within 1-3 days.
  • NO RETURNS POLICY: All clearance products are non-returnable and our normal returns policy does not apply.


Product description

  • Material: Certified 100% authentic Egyptian cotton.
  • GSM: Towels - 720gsm, Bath mat - 1000gsm (grams per square metre).
  • Towel pile: 15/1 single yarn, zero twist, combed Egyptian cotton.
  • Bath mat pile: 12/2 twisted yarn.
  • Design: Double stitched edging.
  • Hook loop: Handy hook to easily hang up your towel.
  • Hand towel size: 50 x 100cm.
  • Bath towel size: 70 x 135cm
  • Bath sheet size: 100 x 160cm
  • Bath mat size: 50 x 80cm
  • Plastic free packaging: Your towels delivered in a cardboard box, without plastic wrapping or paper inserts.
  • NO RETURNS POLICY: All clearance products are non-returnable and our normal returns policy does not apply.


Towel certification

Our Egyptian cotton towels come with the highest standards: 


Towel care

To keep your scooms Egyptian cotton towels & mats in tip top condition:

  • Wash your towels & bath mats at 40° before use and then once a week, or go greener at 30°.
  • Use fabric conditioner sparingly or ideally not at all. Fabric conditioners can decrease the absorbency and softness of your towels.
  • Line dry and shake out or tumble dry medium / low.
  • Use our Wool Tumble Dryer Balls to reduce drying time and fluff your towels up naturally.
  • Love your scooms towel and it will love you.

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Towel size guide


Our guide to towel sizes in centimetres and inches. Hand towel, bath towel, bath sheet and bath mat sizes. 

Towel Towel sizes in cm
Towel sizes in inches
Hand towel 50 x 100 cm 19.6 x 39.4"
Bath towel 70 x 135 cm 27.5 x 53.1"
Bath sheet 100 x 160 cm 39.4 x 63"
Bath mat 50 x 80 cm 19.6 x 31.5"



Towel weights in GSM (grams per square metre):

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