How to wash silk bedding

Silk eyemask and bag in white

Our silk bedding care guide will show you the best way to easily care for your silk pillowcases and silk eye masks, ensuring they last longer and maintain their quality and beauty boosting properties.

(Emily has been testing our silk for over a year so this guide is based on our personal experience!)


  1. How to wash silk pillowcases and eye masks
  2. How often to wash your silk bedding
  3. How to dry silk bedding
  4. Can I dry clean my silk pillowcase?
  5. Can I iron silk?
  6. How to keep silk in top condition
  7. How to store silk pillowcases
  8. How to remove stains from silk
  9. How to wash satin pillowcases




How to wash silk pillowcases and eye masks

Silk is a delicate fibre but it can be washed by hand or machine washed on a delicate setting. 

How to hand wash silk pillowcases & silk eye masks:

  • Fill a clean sink or bowl with cool or luke warm water.
  • Add a small amount of mild non bio liquid laundry detergent and mix with the water. Don’t use bleach, fabric softener or harsh detergents.
  • Submerge and swish your pillowcase around gently. Avoid twisting, scrubbing, squeezing or wringing the silk as this can damage the fibres.
  • Let the pillowcase soak for a few minutes, allowing the detergent to penetrate the fibres and lift any dirt or oils.
  • Rinse thoroughly with cool water until all the detergent has gone.
  • Gently squeeze out any excess water. Do not twist or wring the pillowcase.  as silk’s fibres are weaker when wet.

How to machine wash silk pillowcases & silk eye masks:

  • Turn the pillowcase inside out.
  • Wash silk separately or with other silk items.
  • Preferably place in a mesh washing bag.
  • Select the delicate cycle that uses cold water. Some machines have a pre-set silk washing cycle.
  • Add a small amount of mild non bio liquid laundry detergent. Don’t use bleach, fabric softener or any harsh detergents.
  • Remove your silk items promptly after the cycle ends.


How often to wash your silk bedding

We recommended washing your silk eye masks and pillowcases once a week or more often if necessary. It can be a good idea to have an extra pillowcase or eye mask so that you can rotate them each week.

Black silk eye mask with matching silk bag


How to dry silk bedding

Start to dry your silk pillowcase or silk eye mask as soon as you have finished washing as this will reduce wrinkles. Always air dry silk away from direct sunlight or heat. 

To dry your silk:

  • Do not wring out your pillowcase as this will damage the fibres.
  • Excess water can be squeezed out by gently pressing the eye mask in a folded towel.
  • Lay your silk pillowcase or eye mask flat to air dry on a drying rack away from direct heat sources and sunlight or
  • Lay the silk pillowcase or eye mask on top of dry towel on a flat surface to dry. Ensure that you use a white or colour fast towel.

Tip: Never use a tumble dryer as the heat will damages the silk fibres.


Can I dry clean my silk pillowcase?

No, we don’t recommend dry cleaning silk as the dry cleaning process uses chemicals which may harm the delicate material.



Can I iron silk?

Yes, you can iron your silk pillowcase and eye mask. Although silk doesn't wrinkle too much and wrinkles can disappear when you put your pillowcase on the pillow so you may not need to! 

To iron your silk:

  • Turn the pillowcase inside out / iron the back of the eye mask.
  • Use the lowest temperature setting.
  • Place a thin cloth or a clean piece of fabric between the iron and the silk.
  • Gently iron.


How to keep silk in top condition

  • Use with freshly cleaned skin, free from make up or chemical products that may stain the delicate fabric. 
  • Avoid going to sleep with hair products or oils on your hair, as they can stain the silk.
  • When washing, only use a small amount of gentle non bio detergent. Detergent can build up on your pillowcase and coat the fibres.
  • If needed, add a tablespoon of white vinegar to your machine or washing bowl to help cleanse the fibres and remove any built up detergent.
  • Avoid wringing or stretching silk, especially when the fabric is wet.


How to store silk pillowcases

Always wash your pillowcase and eye masks before storing them. Store your silk pillowcases in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. You can either:

  • Drape it over a wide-bar hanger or
  • Lightly fold and store it in a breathable garment bag or drawer.
  • Avoid placing any heavy items on top of your pillowcases.


Close up of white mulberry silk


How to remove stains from silk

Treat any stains as soon as possible and pre-treat any stains immediately with a mix of mild detergent solution and water applied directly to the stain. Gently rub the detergent solution into the stain with a clean finger and let it sit for 10 – 20 minutes before washing. Don’t use any bleach, chemicals or harsh stain removers as they damage the silk fibres.

If you notice your silk pillowcases are becoming stained or discoloured over time, it may be due to a build-up of detergent on the fabric. To remove any yellowish discolouration, soak it for approximately 5 minutes in cool water and one tablespoon of white vinegar. When it’s finished soaking, wash and dry as usual.


How to wash satin pillowcases

We often get asked how you wash and care for satin pillowcases. Whereas silk is a 100% natural fabric, satin can be woven from silk, polyester or a blend of fibres. As a general rule, we suggest following the same washing guidelines as for silk pillowcases but always check the instructions on the care label.


And finally

Always check the care label on your silk bedding for any additional instructions. With proper care, your silk pillowcase and silk eye mask will provide you with a luxurious and restful night's sleep for years to come.

Ready to add silk to your sleep experience? Find out more about our luxury silk pillowcases and silk eye masks now.





Author: Emily AttwoodPublished: 22 April 2024Last modified: 22 April 2024

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Bedding size guide


These are standard UK bedding measurements so if you know your mattress size, you can easily work out which duvet size you need. (Width x length.)

UK sizes Duvet size Mattress size
Single 135 x 200cm (53 x 79") 90 x 190cm (36 x 75")
Double 200 x 200cm (79 x 79") 135 x 190cm (53 x 75")
King 225 x 220cm (89 x 87") 150 x 200cm (60 x 78")
Super king 260 x 220cm (102 x 87") 180 x 200cm (72 x 78")

US/CANADA BEDDING SIZES: Approximate matches to UK sizes are US King/UK Super king, US Queen/UK King,  US Full/UK Double and US Twin/UK Single.

EUROPEAN BEDDING SIZES: Each size - Single, Double, King and Grand king - is a little larger than the UK equivalent.

Measure your mattress to see which size bedding you need: our UK v European v US mattress comparison guide.



Young children can overheat so if they are old enough to use a full size bed, we recommend using a single size 4.5 tog duvet.

 Tog rating Season / heat Feel
2.5 tog High summer / hot sleepers Light thermal insulation
4.5 tog Summer Lower thermal insulation
9 tog Spring & Autumn Cosy medium heat
All season 13.5 tog 4.5 tog + 9 tog Very warm
All season 11.5 tog 2.5 tog + 9 tog Warm
All season 7 tog 2.5 tog + 4.5 tog Lower warmth



Our goose down duvets have high 700 fill power. Fill weight is measured in GSM (grams per square metre). For example view our 9 tog king size goose down duvet for more duvet details.

Fill weight (not total duvet weight)
Single All seasons - 788gsm
9 tog - 486gsm 
4.5 tog - 302gsm 
2.5 tog - 220gsm
Double All seasons - 1168gsm
9 tog - 720gsm
4.5 tog - 448gsm
2.5 tog - 320gsm
King All seasons - 1478gsm
9 tog - 911gsm
4.5 tog - 567gsm
2.5 tog - 400gsm
Super king All seasons - 1671gsm
9 tog - 1030gsm
4.5 tog - 641gsm
2.5 tog - 480gsm



Our pillows come in two sizes and two firmness options. (Width x length.)

Standard  50 x 75cm
King 50 x 90cm



Our fitted sheets are deep fit, up to 40cm / 15.7" mattress depth. And our duvet covers fasten with large, easy to use buttons. (Width x length.)

Duvet cover Fitted sheet Flat sheet Pillowcase (pair)
Single 140 x 200cm 90 x 190cm 180 x 275cm
Double 200 x 200cm 135 x 190cm 230 x 275cm 50 x 75cm (Standard)
King 230 x 220cm 150 x 200cm 275 x 275cm 50 x 90cm (King)
Super king 260 x 220cm 180 x 200cm 305 x 275cm



Our mattress protectors are deep fit, up to 40cm mattress depth. Choose the same size topper or protector as your mattress size. (Width x length.)

Topper / protector size Mattress size
Single 90 x 190cm 90 x 190cm
Double 135 x 190cm 135 x 190cm
King 150 x 200cm 150 x 200cm
Super king 180 x 200cm 180 x 200cm 


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