Luxury bedding at a fair price

You may look for a voucher or discount code on a voucher / discount website before you buy a scooms duvet or bed linen. DON'T! We never provide other websites with scooms discount codes.

The best way to get a scooms discount is by signing up to our email newsletter. We will give you a 5% discount code to spend on your first order and will keep you up to date with special offers and sales.

  1. Luxury bedding at a fair price
  2. Free delivery & 60 day duvet trial
  3. Value for money
  4. Responsible sustainability
  5. Why are scooms discounts listed on voucher sites?

Luxury bedding at a fair price
We offer luxury bedding at prices that are unbeatable on the high street. We don’t skimp on ingredients and only use the finest Hungarian goose down in our duvets and pillows and pure Egyptian cotton for our bed linen. We believe in looking after our suppliers too by paying them a fair price.

We do cut unnecessary costs that have no bearing on quality like expensive shops, middlemen, fancy marketing campaigns and designer licensing fees; passing the savings on to you.

Goose down duvet | scooms bedding

Free delivery & 60 day duvet trial 
Rather than offering continual discounts, we include our benefits in the price of our duvets and bedding. We offer free next day delivery and a 60 night duvet trial. Buy one of our duvets and you will get 60 nights to snooze with your goose down duvet to make sure that it’s right for you. After all, you do spend a third of your life in bed, so we understand just how important it is to have the right bedding!

Value for money
We believe in pricing fairly all the time. We don’t believe in over-inflating the price of our bedding initially and then showing a discounted sale price. If continual sales and discount prices seem too good to be true on other websites, then they probably are! Compare our prices with other websites and make sure you’re not paying for bedding that was over-priced in the first place and is now masquerading as 'discounted'.

Responsible sustainability
It is important to us not to use plastic or excessive paper in our packaging. All scooms bedding comes in plastic free packaging. Our down duvets and pillows come in lovely green reusable material bags and our Egyptian cotton bed linen comes in white cotton bags. Then they’re all delivered in a scooms cardboard box without any unnecessary plastic wrapping or paper inserts. 

Delivery box | scooms duvets & bedding

Why are scooms discounts listed on voucher sites?
You might find scooms listed on discount or voucher code websites but you will also see that they don’t actually have any valid scooms discount codes. These sites are not endorsed by scooms.

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