Hungarian goose down pillow

King size 50 x 90cm

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The perfect pillow! Anti-allergy, naturally springy goose down and feather provides the ideal firmness and support.



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Mind the gap! Try our King size Hungarian goose down pillow.

King size or Super King size bed? Then two larger King size pillows, 50cm x 90cm, will fit beautifully across your entire bed width without leaving any unsightly gaps! No more rolling over and falling off your pillow in the night! Our medium support King size goose down pillow is breathable, durable, supportive, head contouring and anti-allergen. In fact, it’s perfect! Sleep well.

6g typical down & feather

6g scooms down & feather

Natural materials

A core of small white Hungarian goose feather surrounded by fluffy Hungarian goose down. Perfectly encased in 300 thread count, 100% Supersoft sateen cotton with a special tight weave to make it both down and dust mite proof. Bliss!

Clever construction

Our chamber pillow (think sandwich) has a goose feather core for firmness and an outer surround of soft and springy goose down that contours gently to your head. With 12cm thickness, you only need one pillow for a wonderfully comfortable night's sleep.

Firm, yet soft comfort

Your pillow will seem full, firm and puffy at first as the down will be at its fluffiest. After a few night’s sleep, it will become softer, contouring to your head and shoulders whilst providing the support your head and neck need for the whole night.

Breathable & anti-allergen

Naturally breathable goose down provides three to four times more air circulation than synthetic materials, helping any moisture to escape more easily which is unappealing to dust mites. Our down is washed and dried without using any harsh chemicals, just natural spring water.

Highest standards

Our pillows are entirely constructed in one place in Hungary for complete quality control. We’re proud that the scooms pillow comes with all the top independent industry certifications, meeting their very rigorous standards. After all, you do spend a third of your life in bed!

Luxury at a fair price

Luxury bedding at prices that are unbeatable on the high street!  We don’t skimp on ingredients but do cut unnecessary costs that have no bearing on quality like shops, middlemen, fancy marketing campaigns and designer licensing fees; passing the savings on to you.

Responsible sustainability

Plastic free packaging - Designed in the UK and made with care in Hungary using efficient energy and eco-friendly technology, your pillow will arrive in a lovely green reusable material bag, in a scooms cardboard box without any unnecessary plastic wrapping or paper inserts.

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We don't use any plastic in our packaging and wash our down in thermal spring water without any harsh chemicals.  

Customer Reviews

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Excellent product and service

Gentle slumbers

The Hungarian goose down pillow is so comfortable as it seems to envelop you without going all limp. At the same time it is firm but gentle . It is most satisfying to find such a good high quality product

Best Pillows Ever!

These pillows are truly amazing. I used to sleep with 2, but with these I only need 1. So soft and luxurious, like sleeping on a cloud!

perfect pillow

First the Order process with Schooms excellent......Took chance on ordering pillow online, but completely happy with the quality and most importantly the comfort of the Scooms pillow. No breaking-in period to get used of it.... it was perfect from the start, nice support. I ordered the larger size. Best pillow I have ever slept on.


Probably the best pillow I have ever had! Love it! It was also good to know that the birds who supplied the down and feathers had been properly cared for and raised in humane conditions. That is important to me. I also appreciated very much the lack of plastic in the packaging.