Duvet sizes / Mattress sizes

  • Duvet sizes / Mattress sizes

Duvet sizes, mattress sizes and duvet cover measurements - UK, US and European standard duvet sizes and mattress sizes measured in centimetres and inches. 

Plus, answers to all your duvet size questions:

  1. UK duvet sizes and mattress sizes
  2. What size is a King size duvet?
  3. Should your duvet be bigger than your bed?
  4. Duvet cover sizes
  5. How to measure a bed
  6. US v UK bedding sizes
  7. European v UK bedding sizes
  8. UK v US v European mattress size guide

    For more info on bed linen sizes, check out our guide.


    UK duvet sizes and mattress sizes
    Standard UK duvet sizes and mattress sizes are Single, Double, King and Super King.

    Mattresses vary in depth from 6cm to over 30cm and sometimes it's not very clear what the depth is in the maker's specifications. Here at scooms we've made our sheets deep fitting - 40cm / 15.7" - to make sure that they will fit almost every mattress and most importantly so that they are easy to put onto the bed!

    Duvet size Mattress size
    Single 135 x 200cm
    (4ft 5" x 6ft 7")
    90 x 190cm
    Double 200 x 200cm
    (6ft 7" x 6ft 7")
    135 x 190cm
    King 225 x 220cm
    (7ft 4" x 7ft 3")
    150 x 200cm
    Super King 260 x 220cm
    (8ft 6" x 7ft 3")
    180 x 200cm 

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    What size is a King size duvet? 
    UK duvet and mattress sizes | scooms duvets & beddingThe King size duvet is fast becoming the most popular duvet size in the UK, so it's important to know your King size duvet dimensions. A King size duvet measures 225 x 220 cm or 7ft 4" x 7ft 3". As the width of a King size duvet is slightly more than its length, when you are putting on your King size duvet cover double check that you have the duvet the right way round!

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    Should your duvet be bigger than your bed?
    You may want to choose a duvet that is one size larger than your actual bed size if:

    • You share a bed or just like more duvet to drape over you -  you don't want your other half to roll over and take all the duvet!
    • You like the way it looks - a larger size duvet can look more attractive as it hangs pleasingly over the edge of the bed.
    • You are particularly tall - if your feet reach the end of your bed choose a duvet that is 30 cm longer than you are. You don’t want your toes or shoulders getting chilly during the night!

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    Duvet cover sizes
    Duvet covers are made to fit the same size duvet, so trust the duvet cover size on the packaging! You should always buy a duvet and duvet cover that is the same size. Even though they may be described in exactly the same measurements there is no need to 'go large'! You'll just end up with lots of extra duvet cover material and a duvet that moves around. Not very cosy!

    Duvet cover sizes | scooms duvets & bedding

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    How to measure a bed
    Bed sizes vary around the world, with different countries using their own size standards and terminology. So If your bed or mattress wasn't made for the UK market, make sure you measure before buying new bedding. The likelihood is that if you buy King size fitted sheets in one country, they won't be quite the right size in another country which could be rather frustrating!

    See more on UK bed sizes as specified by the National Bed Federation.

    Measure your bed:

    • First, take off all the bedding so that you can measure the bed exactly from the edges.
    • Use a retractable measuring tape which you can lock into place. If it proves tricky, get a friend to help.
    • Don’t forget to have your phone or a pen and paper handy so you can record the measurements.
    • To measure the width: Place the end of the measuring tape at the left side of the bed, then extend tape out until it reaches the right edge of the bed.
    • To measure the length: Place the end of the tape at the middle top of the bed, then pull out the tape to the middle bottom of the bed.

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    US v UK bedding sizes
    The standard sizes for American beds are Twin, Full, Queen, and King, in ascending order, compared to SingleDoubleKing and Super King in the UK. Single bed and Double bed are understood and used in the US, but they are not exact bed sizes there.

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    European v UK bedding sizes
    European bed and mattress sizes are often called Euro sizes. The main sizes are Single, Double and King. Each size is a little larger than the UK equivalent. They are sold by European manufacturers like Ikea.


    US v European v UK mattress size guide:

    UK US European
    90cm x 190cm
    36in × 75in
    99cm × 191cm
    39in × 75in
    90cm x 200cm
    36in × 78in
    135cm x 190cm
    53in × 75in
    137cm × 191cm
    54in × 75in
    140cm x 200cm
    55in × 78in
    150cm x 200cm
    60in × 78in
    152cm × 203cm
    60in × 80in
    160cm x 200cm
    63in × 78in
    Super King
    180 x 200cm
    72in × 78in
    193cm × 203cm
    76in × 80in
    Grand King
    180 x 200cm
    72in × 78in

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