NOMITE anti-allergen accreditation

Nomite pillow, Nomite duvet
The NOMITE mark is an anti-allergen standard that indicates that a product is suitable for house dust mite allergy sufferers. The scooms pillow and duvet are NOMITE approved, certifying that they are suitable for house dust mite allergy sufferers.

Dust mite allergies
Scientific research has demonstrated that even if you suffer from house dust mite allergies or asthma you can enjoy sleeping with natural down and feather bedding. The house dust mite needs high humidity to thrive, which it can’t find in down and feather bedding because of its thermal and climatic abilities. Down and feather duvets and pillows quickly warm up while you sleep and quickly decrease in humidity when aired.

Down and feather proof fabric will have a very tight weave to stop the down and feather leaking through the fabric which also stops mites from passing through, adding extra protection. NOMITE® certified down and feather bedding also use down and feather proof fabric ticking, which also acts as a ‘barrier’ to the dust mite.

Humidity control
Down provides excellent temperature regulation, warming fast and continuously dissipating moisture absorbed from the body. Any remaining humidity will quickly disappear with a good daily airing of your duvet or pillow.

Washable, durable & compostable
Most down and feather duvet and pillows are washable; (scooms duvets and pillows are both washable at 40°C.) As a natural product, they are also particularly durable and once your duvet or pillow needs replacing, you can compost the old down and feather filling.

According to Nomite
‘Long-term studies have found only extremely small concentrations of mites and allergens inside down and feather bedding. Down and feather beds achieve, therefore, extremely positive results when compared with synthetic bedding. They are completely safe from an allergologic point of view. Bedding articles filled with down and feathers neither host house dust mites nor do they provide a source of food for them.’

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