Guide to duvet tog ratings

What tog duvet should you buy? The tog rating measures the thermal insulation of a duvet, which tells you how warm the duvet will be. The higher the tog rating, the warmer the duvet. So, you might want a lower 4.5 tog duvet for the summer, a medium 9 tog duvet for spring and autumn and a higher 13.5 tog duvet for the winter.

Your tog rating duvet questions answered:

  1. What tog duvet should I buy?
  2. Duvet tog ratings for each season
  3. All seasons duvets
  4. Silk duvets
  5. What does tog stand for / mean?
  6. What tog duvet should a toddler or child have?
  7. What else do I need to think about when choosing a duvet?


What tog duvet should I buy? What tog duvet | scooms duvets & bedding
There isn’t really a ‘best tog for a duvet’. Your duvet should be the right tog rating for the season. Your body temperature needs to decrease slightly before you can fall asleep. A comfortable 18°C/ 65F is the ideal temperature for your bedroom at night.  As a higher tog rating equals a warmer duvet, a 4.5 tog duvet is ideal for the summer, a medium 9 tog duvet is perfect for the spring and autumn months and a 13.5 tog duvet is nice and cosy for the winter. See the scooms duvet

Having the right tog duvet is important because if you’re too hot or too cold in bed, you won’t get a good night’s sleep!

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Duvet tog ratings for each season

Tog rating Feel
Summer duvet 3 to 4.5 tog Lightweight
Spring & Autumn duvet 7 to 10.5 tog Cosy in heated environment
Winter duvet 12 to 13.5 tog Very warm
All seasons duvet 4.5 tog + 9 tog Choose your warmth


Some common tog rating questions:

What does 10.5 tog duvet mean? If a 9 tog duvet is the average tog rating for the Spring or Autumn, a 10.5 tog duvet would be the highest tog rating we would recommend for those seasons.

What tog rating for a winter duvet? The typical tog rating for a winter duvet would be 12 tog to 13.5 tog.

What is a summer tog duvet? 4.5 tog would be ideal for a summer duvet.

What’s the highest tog duvet? You can get duvet togs up to a rating of 18 tog. This will feel incredibly warm! Fine if you live in a tent in the Arctic! 

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All seasons duvets All seasons duvet | scooms duvets & bedding
An ‘All seasons duvet’ can be a great choice. Made up of two duvets, a 4.5 tog and a 9 tog, they can be easily fitted together to produce 13.5 tog, providing the right combination for any season.

The scooms All seasons duvet comes with easy to use snap fasteners, giving you perfect temperature regulation throughout the year.


Silk duvets
As silk duvets can’t be measured by tog, they’re measured in grams of silk per square metre (gsm). As a guide, 250gsm filling is similar to a 2-4 tog rating, 400gsm is about a 7-9 tog rating, while 600gsm is equivalent to 10-13 tog.

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What does tog stand for / mean?
Tog is a word, not an acronym, so it doesn’t actually stand for anything.  The ‘tog’ is a measure of thermal resistance of a specific area (typically a square metre). The Tog rating scale was set up in the 1940s by the Shirley Institute in Manchester to provide an easy to follow scale showing a material’s thermal insulation. This ascending scale, starting at a cool 1.5 tog to a very toasty 15 tog, shows how good a duvet is at trapping air and therefore providing warmth. 

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What tog duvet should a toddler or child have?
As children have smaller bodies, a duvet will trap more air around their body and keep them warmer at a low tog rating.

Toddlers and children, particularly under the age of ten, should use a lightweight single size 4.5 tog Summer duvet throughout the year. If they feel chilly, then add a light blanket rather than swapping to a higher tog duvet.

Babies under 12 months are too young for duvets and pillows due to the risk of overheating and suffocation. If your child is younger than 12 months, you need to ensure that they sleep under a blanket or in a sleeping bag specifically designed for their age.

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What else do I need to think about when choosing a duvet?
Tog rating is just one of the 4 things you need to consider when you choose a duvet. The 3 other important duvet elements are:

  • The duvet filling - the material used to fill the duvet such as down or wool.
  • Fill power & weight - fill power measures the volume taken up by the down or feather filling in a duvet and fill weight measures the weight of the filling.
  • How the duvet is made - the construction of a duvet is also important to make sure the filling stays well distributed and doesn’t bunch up leaving part of you rather cold during the night!
Duvet accreditations | scooms duvets & bedding Other things to look out for would be the standards and accreditations the duvet has. scooms duvets are entirely constructed in one place in Hungary for complete quality control. We’re proud that the scooms duvet comes with all the top independent industry certifications:

  • Nomite - anti-allergen standard for house dust mite allergy sufferers
  • .
  • Oeko-Tex 100 - verifies tested against harmful toxins and chemicals.
  • Downafresh - feather and down hygiene and cleanliness requirements to European standard EN 12935.
  • Responsible Down Standard - ensuring down and feathers come from geese that have been treated well and never suffer from live-plucking; following the chain of custody from farm to product.
  • Guaranteed Hungarian down and feather - single country source; by-product of the food industry.

 See our expert guide on ‘How to choose a duvet’ 

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