Summer duvet / 4.5 tog duvet

Having the right summer duvet tog rating is vital if you want to sleep comfortably throughout the warmer summer months. The lower the tog rating, the less warm the duvet, so a tog rating of at least 7.5 tog and lower will ease your sleep during the summer. A 4.5 tog duvet is the ideal summer weight duvet. See our scooms 4.5 tog King size duvet, plus Superking, Double and Single size summer duvets.

The best summer duvets will help you avoid nights of poor sleep, feeling clammy and waking up sticky and tired. As well as the tog rating, you need to consider the duvet materials. A duvet with good breathability will help any moisture from sweat to escape more easily. Naturally breathable fillings like our Hungarian goose down, offer up to four times better air circulation than synthetic fillings. Also make sure the duvet casing is 100% cotton not synthetic as cotton is both temperature regulating and sweat wicking.

The construction of a duvet can also help you manage your body temperature as you sleep. A pocket construction ensures that the duvet filling is evenly distributed and doesn’t all sink down to your toes. It also gives the down more space which increases fluffiness and breathability.

Get a good night’s sleep during the summer months by picking the best summer duvet.  Choose a low tog ratingpocket construction and natural materials for both the filling and the casing, and sleep comfortably …

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