What size is a standard pillow?

A standard size pillow in the UK is 50cm x 75cm (20” x 30”).

Here's the scooms guide to pillow sizes in the UK:

Pillow size
Standard 50cm x 75cm (20” x 30”)
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King 50cm x 90cm (20” x 35”) Shop now
Toddler 35cm x 57cm (14” x 22”)
Square 65cm x 65cm (26” x 26”)
Body 45cm x 150cm (18” x 59”)  

Our tips:
Choose the pillow size that you find most comfortable - If you have a single or double size bed, then a standard size pillow will fit well. You may want a larger King size pillow if you have a King size or Super King size bed.

Children (not before 18 to 24 months) should use smaller size ‘Cot’ or ‘Toddler’ pillows - an adult size pillow may strain your child’s neck and shoulders.

Use square pillows as extra support when sitting up in bed or to stylishly decorate your bed.

Body pillows are long pillows, around 5ft long, that can be really useful during pregnancy to support your bump or after surgery to help make sleeping more comfortable.

A bolster pillow is long and narrow and usually firm. It doesn’t come in a standard size or shape. It’s used to provide back or arm support or to dress a bed or sofa.

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