Glass Door Sleep Out Successful fund raising!

Congratulations to our friend Marie and her daughter Abi who together raised enough to fund the nightly food bill at Glass Door 's Fulham shelter in London for a month, providing around 1,500 meals this winter.

Although a small charity, Glass Door  is rapidly becoming a fundamental contributor for those who are homeless on the streets of London - this past winter they provided about a quarter of night shelter space in London on an average evening.  Their latest figures show 420 guests used the shelter in the last year.  However the key aim of the charity is helping those who find themselves on the streets to be able to find a home and a means to support themselves.  As a result of Glass Door  support, 160 plus of those we have helped during the past winter are now are back in housing and a similar number have now found employment. 

Marie told us "I can definitely say the pavement is not a comfortable place to spend the night - very hard, somewhat noisy and needs a lot of layers to stay warm.  Neither Abi or I were sorry to say goodbye when we were asked to give up our pavement spot at 5am in the morning.  A great way to understand just how hard it is to have to sleep out." 

"And a big thank you to scooms duvets for loaning us their amazing All season duvet. We were the only two who didn't complain of feeling cold last night as a result ..."

scooms are proud to support Glass Door  by giving one duvet or pillow for every 15 that we sell to help their guests build more stable futures in their own accommodation.

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