All our bedding is Good Housekeeping Institute approved

We're delighted that all our bedding has received Good Housekeeping Institute approval! The Good Housekeeping Institute recently tested the scooms duvet, pillow and bed linen range. Read on to see key extracts from their reports.

scooms products were tested by a GHI expert who looked at performance, ease of use, design and instructions. Wash tests were also carried out following the washing instructions. A panel of consumers also tried the products at home and provided feedback on comfort, support, overall satisfaction and propensity to purchase.

  1. The perfect duvet report
  2. The perfect bed linen report
  3. The perfect pillow report


The perfect duvet report - key extracts

ConclusionHungarian goose down duvet | scooms duvets & bedding
The Perfect Duvet  washed and dried well with minimal shrinkage and no loss of loft. In fact, even after ten repeat washes it seemed fluffier and the down remained soft and light without clumping. The stitching and channels were even and all the seams sturdy and well finished off.

Consumers who trialled it in their homes felt it was one of the best duvets they’d tried. It moulded around the body well, was extremely light but provided excellent warmth. The fasteners remained securely in place throughout the trial.

Performance tests
The duvet was weighed, measured and washed and dried times 10 times following care label instructions (40°C wool wash and tumble dried on high heat). After each wash, the duvet was measured to work out the percentage of shrinkage, if any. It was weighed each time to ensure it was completely dry.

Consumer panel feedback
All the consumers said that the bedding provided them with a good night’s sleep. They would all buy this duvet and recommend it to a friend.

“The duvet was so cosy I didn’t want to get out of bed!”.

“It was really light weight but gave me just the right amount of warmth.”

“Best duvet I think I’ve ever had.”

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The perfect bed linen report - key extracts

ConclusionEgyptian cotton bed linen | scooms bedding
The Perfect range of bed linen performed well in our repeated wash tests with minimal shrinkage. Consumers trialled it in their homes and they were impressed by its quality, felt it was very comfortable to sleep on, fitted well on the bed and all would happily buy the bedding and recommend it to friends and family. As you would expect from pure cotton, it did crease with washing.

The wash instructions suggested ironing on a low steam 1-dot setting. However, on most irons steam is not produced at this low temperature and in reality, pure cotton does need steam at a higher temperature. We would recommend reviewing the care label instructions. scooms will be changing our care label instructions to a 3-dot steam setting.

Performance tests 
- The sheets, duvet covers, and pillowcases were measured and then washed and dried times 10 times following care label instructions (40°C synthetics wash, cool tumble dry and iron on 1-dot setting). After each wash, the bedding was measured to work out the percentage of shrinkage, if any.

The duvet cover and pillowcases performed well with approximately 1% shrinkage. The fitted sheets had 2% shrinkage, which is within acceptable levels. Elasticity of the corners was unaffected by washing and drying. 

Colourfastness - The bedding remained colourfast with no change to the depth of white colour.

Quality of design & materials - The fabric had a high thread count, indicative of superior quality fabric, and the sateen finish was comfortable to sleep on. There was no sign of pilling or bobbling at the end of the test. The fabric needed a high temperature and maximum steam to remove creases after washing.

Well finished off with even seams and hemming. 

Very eco-friendly packaging.

Consumer panel feedback
The panel were happy with the wash results. The fabric did not lose its body after repeated washing and the sheets still fitted well. The elastic did not lose its stretch after washing.

The bedding provided the consumers with a good night’s sleep.

All the consumers would buy this bedding and recommend it to a friend.

“The fitted sheet was a decent size for my double bed”.

“The pillowcases were an appropriate size and easily fitted a standard pillow.”

“The fitted sheet stayed securely on the bed throughout the night without rucking.”

“I would definitely buy this bedding if the price was acceptable.”

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The perfect pillow report - key extracts

ConclusionGoose down pillow | scooms duvets & bedding
The Perfect Pillow is a luxury product able to withstand 10 machine washes following the manufacturer’s instructions.


Performance tests 
The pillow was washed using the Miele Powerwash 2.0 & TwinsDo XL Tronic and tumble dried using the Grundig dryer 10 times following the manufacturer’s instructions. Appearance, shrinkage and support were assessed at the end of the wash tests.

Appearance - Superior quality, even stitching. Padding even, light and fluffy. The cotton is beautifully soft and the tight weave means the down stays inside and the dust mites stay out.

Shrinkage - None.

Comments - Excellent quality product which remained unaffected by repeated washes following manufacturer’s instructions. No loss of loft, no clumping and it remained true to size.

Consumer panel feedback
The pillows were given to consumers to try out at home for around 4 weeks.

Comfort - The pillow was perceived as being really comfortable and gave a good night’s sleep to all testers. 

Support - It offered the right amount of head and neck support. Providing the perfect balance between size and support. 

Overall satisfaction and propensity to purchase - All testers would buy this range of pillows.

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