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The Independent's Best Winter Duvet 2018/19: “The best all-seasons duvet we’ve ever tried, with bells on.”

The best duvet you'll ever sleep under. We've done the research for you; our naturally breathable anti-allergy goose down duvet provides the ideal weight & just enough drape to contour to your body.



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4.5 tog king size duvet

Beautifully lightweight with lower thermal insulation, our 4.5 tog naturally breathable duvet will help you sleep blissfully well throughout the summer months. This is the perfect tog rating for younger children too, especially the under tens who can overheat at night if their bedding is too hot. Our 4.5 tog king duvet measures 225x220cm and weighs 567g.

Why goose down, not duck down, feather or synthetic?

Goose down has evolved over 1000s of years to be the perfect natural insulator with a superior warmth and breathability that synthetic fillings just can’t match.  Extra fluffy filaments make it finer and lighter than duck down or feather. Gram for gram, it has better temperature regulating properties than other duvet fillings, giving you a wonderfully comfortable night’s sleep.

6g typical down & feather

6g scooms down & feather

Natural materials

90% Hungarian goose down with 10% small goose feather to add a little weight is what makes the scooms duvet so comfortable. Perfectly encased in 300 thread count, 100% Supersoft sateen cotton with a special tight weave to make it both down and dust mite proof. Bliss!

Clever construction

Multiple small pockets trap the down to ensure an even spread.  Our 9 tog duvet pockets also have clever extra side walls which are trickier to make but give the down more space creating extra fluffiness and increasing breathability. Every duvet is double stitched for robust durability.

All season comfort

Our All season is made up of two duvets, a lightweight 4.5 tog duvet and a 9 tog duvet, that fit together with easy to use snap fasteners, giving you the right combination for any season. Perfect temperature regulation.

Highest standards

Our duvets are entirely constructed in one place in Hungary for complete quality control. We’re proud that the scooms duvet comes with all the top independent industry certifications, meeting their very rigorous standards. After all, you do spend a third of your life in bed!

Luxury at a fair price

Luxury bedding at prices that are unbeatable on the high street!  We don’t skimp on ingredients but do cut unnecessary costs that have no bearing on quality like shops, middlemen, fancy marketing campaigns and designer licensing fees; passing the savings on to you.

Responsible sustainability

Plastic free packaging - Designed in the UK and made with care in Hungary using efficient energy and eco-friendly technology, your duvet will arrive in a lovely green reusable material bag, in a scooms cardboard box without any unnecessary plastic wrapping or paper inserts.

60 night duvet trial | scooms duvets & bedding

60 night duvet trial

You have 60 nights to make sure the scooms duvet is just right for you. If you don't love your duvet return it for free and a full refund.

Free deliveries & returns | scooms duvets & bedding

Free next day delivery 

Order before 3pm for free, no hassle, next day delivery with DPD for all orders, and make any necessary returns the same way.

Responsible sustainability | scooms duvets & bedding


We don't use any plastic in our packaging and wash our down in thermal spring water without any harsh chemicals.  

Customer Reviews

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Cosy Nights

Every bit as good as all the reviews say it is.


Once opened I thought this far too light to be anywhere near warm enough but it’s awesome. Same weight as our 4.5t but twice as toasty and physics defyingly light. Floaty, warm loveliness... You won’t regret

A rating of 5 for duvet.rating of 1for pillow

Duvet is well made and warm and what I like is that it's very light on top of you. Pillow was big and firm but disappointed cause now it's flatish. Also brought duvet cover and flat sheet, pillow case of all is good quality.(might return the pillow)

Very pleased with purchase.

Very pleased with purchase, duvet came well packed and quickly delivery by courier.
Duvet well made with good quality material resulting a good night's sleep keeping us warm without being too heavy.

Only onevnight

Have only had it in the bed one night but felt cozy without being too hot